Argos Therapeutics actively pursues strategic partners for both in and out-licensing of technology that would support the over-arching strategy to manufacture, develop and commercialize fully-personalized immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. From an out-licensing perspective, Argos targets global partners for the Arcelis technology platform, including our lead product candidates, AGS-003 and AGS-004. These partnering opportunities would solely reside outside the United States, where Argos intends to commercialize AGS-003 independently. Argos would be open to establishing world-wide, global partners for AGS-004, AGS-009 and sCD83.

From an in-licensing perspective, Argos is interested in opportunities that would be additive or synergistic with Arcelis or novel immuno-oncology products that would augment the Argos pipeline.

Argos also has an interest in strategic partnerships. The focus for strategic partnerships would be to collaborate on initiating clinical studies to determine the feasibility of combining therapies or to collaborate with potential partners to further optimize our manufacturing process and the Arcelis technology platform.

Current partners include:

Green Cross

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