Our Vision is Our Challenge

When we envision the future, we see a world where terminal cancer is a thing of the past. We think safe and effective therapies, which re-engage a patient’s immune response, have the potential to turn advanced cancer into a chronic, manageable condition. Sound like science fiction? We’re making it reality.

We’re working hard to bring our vision into focus. We’re pioneering the development of fully personalized immunotherapy, using our combined mRNA and dendritic cell technology to deliver innovative, next generation treatments one patient at a time. Using material from both disease and blood samples received from each patient, our Arcelis™-based immunotherapies educate and then employ the patient’s dendritic cells to trigger a patient and disease-specific immune response.

By fully recognizing each person’s disease and reawakening an immune response that has been suppressed by progressing cancer or infection, we believe we can turn once terminal conditions into chronic diseases, and chronic conditions into curable diseases. And we are making definitive progress.

With every step forward comes new hope, and more reason to understand why everyone at Argos is passionately pursuing our shared vision to transform the way cancer and potentially other diseases are treated.