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Corporate Partners

Earlier in 2004, Argos entered into a licensing transaction with Geron Corporation in which Argos received five million shares of Geron stock, valued at over $43 million at the time of the transaction, in exchange for granting Geron the co-exclusive right to use Argos’ platform technology in cancer therapeutics using defined antigens. Argos retains co-exclusive rights to use the platform technology with defined antigens, and exclusive rights to use it with total tumor RNA and other uncharacterized antigens.

In October 2006, Argos was awarded a $21 million NIH contract to develop the Arcelis HIV immunotherapy. Argos´ current HIV phase 2b clinical trial is being substantially funded by this NIH contract.

Future Partnership Opportunities

Argos is currently seeking partners, both in cancer and infectious diseases, for its Arcelis technology platform. Argos is also seeking a partner for its monoclonal antibody that is in a phase 1 trial in SLE patients. Argos is also seeking a partner for development of the soluble recombinant protein, CD83, as a therapy for inflammatory and autoimmune disorders and transplantation rejection.

For information on other partnership opportunities, contact us.