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Vision: Together, We are helping patients fight their disease by harnessing the Power of their Immune System

When we envision the future, we see a world where terminal cancer is a thing of the past. We think safe and effective therapies that specifically re-engage a patient’s immune response, and have the potential to turn cancer into a chronic, manageable condition. Sound impossible? Our goal is to make the impossible possible and turn this vision into a reality!

We’re working hard to bring our vision into focus. We are pioneering the development of individualized immunotherapy, using our combined mRNA and dendritic cell technology to deliver specifically targeted treatments, one patient at a time. Using material from both disease and blood samples collected from each patient, our Arcelis®-based immunotherapies arm the patient’s dendritic cells to trigger a targeted patient-specific immune response.


History: Standing On the Shoulders of Giants

Argos Therapeutics traces its roots: to Rockefeller University, where Company co-founder and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Ralph Steinman, discovered the role of dendritic cells in the immune system and developed a method to generate dendritic cells; and to Duke University, where Company co-founders invented an mRNA-based technology.

With its Arcelis® technology platform, cellular manufacturing expertise, a pipeline of products under development and collaborations with some of the world’s leading experts in immunotherapy, Argos is well positioned to be a leader in immuno-oncology and successfully deliver safe and effective, precision immunotherapies.

Argos Therapeutics is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

4233 Technology Drive
Durham, North Carolina 27704

Telephone: (919) 287-6300

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