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Corporate Partners
In June 2004, Argos signed a collaboration agreement with Kirin Brewery’s Pharmaceutical Division for developing therapies using dendritic cells. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will collaborate to develop and commercialize dendritic cell vaccines, initially in the areas of cancer and infectious diseases. Argos and Kirin will jointly conduct research and development and will share profits worldwide. Argos will commercialize in the United States and Canada, Kirin will commercialize in key Asian markets, and opportunities in Europe, Latin America and other global regions will be determined jointly.

In March 2004, Argos entered into a licensing transaction with Geron Corporation, in which Argos received Geron stock in exchange for granting Geron the co-exclusive right to use Argos’ platform technology in specific therapeutic cancer vaccines using telomerase and other defined antigens. Argos retains co-exclusive rights to use the platform technology with defined antigens, and exclusive rights to use it with total tumor RNA and other uncharacterized antigens.

Research Partners
Argos is collaborating with top global institutions and investigators listed below for the purpose of conducting preclinical and clinical research in the indications named.

Institution Investigator(s) Indication
Rockfeller University
Ralph Steinman
Madav Dhodapkar
Multiple Myeloma
University Erlangen Gerold Schuler Melanoma
McMaster University
Ronen Foley
Jack Gauldie
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
AMC (Amsterdam) Dasja Pajkrt HIV
Esophageal Cancer
Univ. Montreal/Canvac Rafick Sekaly HIV
BIIR (Baylor) Jacques Banchereau Lupus
Duke Univ. Eli Gilboa Dendritic cell research

Future Partnership Opportunities
Argos’ partnership with Kirin is initially focused on developing and commercializing dendritic cell-based vaccines in the areas of cancer and infectious diseases. Opportunities outside of US, Canadian and Asian markets will be determined jointly and may result in additional partnerships or strategic alliances. In addition, the parties may in the future seek a partner for the development of therapeutic vaccines for infectious diseases.

Argos is currently seeking a partner for its monoclonal antibody-based therapy for lupus and is in discussions with a number of potential partners.

For information on these, or other partnership opportunities, us.