Argos Therapeutics, incorporated in 1997 and operated under the name Merix Bioscience prior to late 2004, traces its roots to Duke University, where company founders developed a unique RNA-based vaccine technology. In 2000, we completed our initial round of venture financing and acquired from Duke an exclusive worldwide license to the technology. The following year, the company closed a second venture round and acquired from Rockefeller University and Dr. Gerold Schuler's exclusive worldwide rights to complementary technology relating to the generation of dendritic cells (DCs), setting the stage for our current therapeutic development.

In September of 2004, we refined our business, sharpened our vision, and changed our name to Argos Therapeutics, Inc.

With a broad technology platform, a diverse syndicate of value-added life science investors, key corporate partnerships and collaborations with some of the world’s leading experts in immunotherapy, Argos is positioned at the convergence of the scientific, clinical and investor communities and their rapidly expanding interest in autologous, patient-specific vaccines. Our recent agreement with Kirin Brewery’s Pharmaceutical Division, and our ongoing relationships with scientists at Rockefeller University, Duke University, University of Erlangen in Germany, University of Montreal, Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, McMaster University in Ontario, and the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research in Dallas, add to Argos’ strength. Our focus, matched with our collective passion for performance, drives us to deliver on our goal to provide new options, more promise and better quality of life to patients.

Argos is located in Durham, North Carolina, where it has a cGMP cell-processing facility, and has subsidiary companies in Erlangen, Germany, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.